Sexual Harassment and False Accusations

We must be careful…in both directions. To be absolutely clear, sexual harassment is not ok under any circumstances. It is a problem, but it is also equally a problem that false accusations occur. They are not ok, either.

We have biblical foundation for both, and in ministry I have seen both. I have seen people become jaded by repeated false accusations only to have very real accusations overlooked.

Folks, we are in VERY dangerous times. I do not know how to be more clear in this. Discernment is needed in this time. There are many “cultures” simultaneously existing that can destroy a society and shatter a church. Patriarchy is one, wrongfully placed feminism is another. The over-sexed culture from both sides rank highly, as does vengeful behavior through utilizing all of the above to destroy character.

Simply put, we have become one of two people…we have become the wife of Potipher…we want what we cannot have and do not need in Joseph, and we make false accusation to destroy their character when they stand firm. Or, we have become the David of 2 Samuel 11-14…the one that has skeletons in our closets and refuse to speak for fear of our own sins being uncovered…even at the cost of our daughters and sons.

We still have men and women of character in our churches and in our society…but how do we go forward?

I do not know. I pray for answers, I seek direction. Yet I look around and I feel lost. The accusations, both right and wrong, continue to fly. Good men are harmed, bad men are destroyed without a path of reconciliation. Women are destroying young lives in the process, but this has taken a back seat it seems. Teachers seducing young students is still an issues, but this is an issues that seems to not know boundaries of gender. Men and women are predators in this realm.

I suppose it all boils down to this…we have a very real problem and no one is offering a real solution. We continue to toss about so carelessly terms of patriarchy, feminism, harassment, pedophilia, liberalism, conservatism, etc. We label issues with societal tags, even within the walls of our sanctuaries, our safe places, and never get to the root of the problem…hearts that have not been transformed.

The road ahead is surely long, and I do not know the path. What I do know is this…amidst the false accusation Joseph stood strong and was restored…but it took years and the hand of God.

David, in the midst of all his sinful behavior, that he could not live without God. He lost his son from the adulteress affair with Bathsheba, and another son that raped his daughter. He lost a lot through his life. Through our sinful behavior we may indeed suffer loss in this life, but…David realized that through it all, in Psalm 51, that he could not afford to continue. He sincerely repented, and sought the Holy Spirit and joy of salvation. It was a long road.

Whatever lies ahead, whether false or true, if the church will act as the church we will come out ok. If we will remove societal name tags, focus upon true transformation of heart, stand firm in the Lord…then we can find discernment, wisdom, love, restoration, and joy in our salvation…no matter long, rocky path ahead.