I just,this very minute, looked at a story on Fox News…here is the link: Story

On eline in the story startled me, set my mind in motion, and confirmed one thing; the church is very much in need of education and firm doctrine regarding the interference of pastors in medicine. Here is the kine, then I will share some thoughts:

Jamie Tull — who was told by a pastor her medicine was a “gateway drug to the devil” —  was discovered Friday morning in a field near where she crashed in Merced County, Calif.

Please tell me why a pastor would interfere with the medical treatment of a congregant? Was the pastor also a physician? A pharmacist? Was he/she medically trained in ANY area? Or were they simply interfering in something that has not probably ended in much more harm than good. Days of family trauma, personal trauma, spiritual trauma…for what?

This leads to a bigger question…what should be our position on certain addictive drugs? Specifically, what I am questioning is medical marijuana. Too me, there is little question of the effectiveness and need for certain medications to treat various mental conditions, as evidenced in the above mentioned story.

The bigger question is the prescription of opioids which have devastated my family, my wife’s family, my community, my state, and destroyed countless lives. We, as a church, think nothing of someone taking mind altering substances in the name of pain control when prescribed by a physician. When that same person takes the same substance for the same reason, minus the prescription, it is a crime and a sin. Something is wrong with our thinking. Especially when we adamantly fight the passage of a natural plant for the same purposes, and much more.

Let me be clear in saying I am not an advocate of marijuana or any drug use. But what if…

What if marijuana as a controlled substance could bring people off of opioids and other synthetic pain killers? What if a natural substance could treat not only pain, anxiety, PTSD, Parkinson’s symptoms, and much more. What if…

We have accepted much more harmful things into the church in the name of inclusion.

I do not know the answer. But II am thinking, my wheels are turning. We need, and perhaps I will start on, a definitive look at/position on, medical marijuana and the church. We accept Fentanyl, Morphine, Versed, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and more. Should we also accept medical marijuana?

My initial thought is this; I would much rather be surrounded by potheads than the mess that surrounds me now with those addicted to prescription drugs. The end-game HAS to be better. There will be no need to steal and kill to get a joint…they can grow it. There will be no need to rob and beat your elderly mother to get a fix. This happens…it has happened. Plus there is the aspect that maybe, just maybe, that plant was put here for those purposes, while we have ignored natural medicine in favor of something to make the pharmacy industry billions.

I sincerely hope for some dialogue on this topic. I need to flesh this out with intelligent, informed people. I am not looking for low-level thought and knee-jerk reactions. I am seeking high thought, informed material, and educated people across a variety of fields to examine deeply this topic. It is coming, whether we agree or not. State after state is legalizing marijuana outright, or for medicinal use. It is high time the church and Christians thought the subject through with much prayer and study.

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