Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. The sisters were heartbroken, and like us all, surely wanted to see their loved one again.

Many of us have a Lazarus in our life. I am not speaking of a person, rather I speak to something…a calling, a gift, a work inside us that we have allowed to die. We have allowed it to be buried for far too long and it is now in a place where we are much like Martha. We are afraid to roll the stone away because it stinks. It has been dead for far too long.

I believe Romans 11:29 speaks to this, “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”

Jesus raised Lazarus and He can raise this thing you have let die inside of you. He placed it in you for a purpose. That purpose is not for it to be stinking dead, it is for it to be alive and life-giving to others. It is your purpose, your election, your calling. It is ready to be raised. But…

Jesus raised Lazarus…He put breath and life back in His body. Jesus did not remove the obstacles or unwrap the body. There is some work you must do, some level of desire and willingness to accept life anew. There is a stone, a door on your soul in which you hide things behind…it must be laid bare before Christ. Can He speak through the stone? Yes. Will He? I do not think so…what good is a vibrant gift hid behind the doors of your soul? He didn’t give us light and life in our soul to hide under a basket.

Jesus also did not unwrap, or loose, the grave clothes. He merely gave new life to that which was allowed to die. You have allowed a gift, a calling, to die deep within you. Jesus can and will breath new breathe into this purpose, but you must remove the obstacle…and you also must take off the bindings and let it walk freely within the Spirit. That same purpose that serves no purpose behind the doors of your soul also serve no purpose when bound and unable to work and operate as God has called.

Jesus breathed life back into Lazarus. He spoke that which was not as if it where, and out of the grave came a dead man full of life. He can do the same to that deadness in you…but we must remove the obstacles and, at the appointed time when life has come, take of the that which binds and restricts the movement of our purpose.


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