I have spent considerable time¬†contemplating this title question…how long was Adam in the Garden of Eden before the fall? I know Jewish tradition places their calendar start at the creation and we know from Genesis 5:3 that Seth was born when Adam was 130. Cain and Abel would have been ( I would think) adults before Cain killed Abel, and Seth was born after this point. Conservatively guessing, Adam was maybe 110 at the birth of Cain and/or Abel?

Were they born immediately after the fall? Going deeper, is it possible that Adam’s counted days started after the fall?

That is the position to which I lean. Why would a man in a perfect state, having never known the temporal pleasures of sin, walk away from God? I personally believe there would also need to be an account for a time frame of the fall of the rebellious angels, and¬†then the seduction of Adam and Eve…but that is another topic altogether on dating the fall of the angels as opposed to the fall of man.

Either way, I feel that the dating of Adam’s days would have began with his fall, not his creation. I don’t believe God created Adam to die; I feel Adam was created perfectly in the image of God, and death was only a possibility upon entering into rebellion/sin. Adam lived 930 years according to Genesis 5:5. Each of his progeny through Noah (except Lamech) lived exceptionally long lives as well. Even Lamech, at 777 years, is exceptionally long, but shorter than the rest. Consider this list of ages through Noah:

  1. Adam – 930
  2. Seth – 912
  3. Enosh – 905
  4. Kenan – 910
  5. Mahalalel – 895
  6. Jared – 962
  7. Enoch – raptured/taken at 365
  8. Methuselah – 969
  9. Lamech – 777
  10. Noah – 950

All of the ages are in Genesis 5 except Noah, you can confirm that in Genesis 10:29.

Are we to believe that which is created by the seed of man is equally long lasting as that which was handcrafted by God? Possibly. I do not find a clear answer to the question.

Looking at this from a logical view it makes sense that Adam’s lifespan as recorded at 930 years would have been from his entrance into a sinful world. As a side note, I feel this would explain much in the world of science if there was an indeterminate time frame in which the earth existed, with Adam and Eve, before the fall and the current biblical dating of a world at some 5,000 years old.

Too much fits together for Adam and Eve having spent a substantial amount of time in the Garden of Eden, on earth, in the presence of God, before their fall and a dating of Adam’s life at that point forward being 930 years.

Please leave your thoughts, comments…I’d love and appreciate dialogue on this perplexing to me topic.


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