This week I purchased a cassette to mp3 converter. I have multiple years of West Virginia Church of God Camp Meeting cassettes that I desired to explore. Such great leaders and ministers as Dr. Oliver McMahan, Dr. Mark Williams, Dr. Steve Land, Daniel Hampton, Billy Claypoole, and others are on tapes in my office. CD’s are much easier to deal with, and I have those as well. William Lee, Chris Moody, and others are on CD.

We have an amazing heritage in the Church of God, and within this state. There are a great number of fantastic men of God that have never been privileged to preach camp meeting gatherings. Many have labored faithfully, week after week, winning souls and making disciples wherever they may be. They have not desired to rise through the ranks of leadership, preach to the great crowds of camp meetings, or see their name on a sign. They simply desire the Kingdom.

There is nothing wrong with either…or both. I think our leaders have been faithful in what the Lord has given them, and I sincerely believe their desires have been only to serve the Lord wherever He may lead. We are a blessed denomination.

For my own heritage my paternal Great Grandparents (both sets) were instrumental in the foundation of a local Church of God congregation, and my dad was a retired Pastor and Ordained Bishop with the Church of God. I have now served in ministry for a few short years within the Church of God, and my time has been blessed. Not without troubles, but definitely blessed. I have been privileged to preach a homecoming at the oldest Church of God in West Virginia, serve as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Interim Pastor, and Lead Pastor. I am also putting the finishing touches on my degree from Lee University, and also have started my Masters program with Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

I am simultaneously looking back at the wonderful heritage and looking forward to my own future. Kenny Hinson once did a song titled “Put Something Back”. That is my desire. God, and the church, have been so very good to me, my family, my heritage, and preparing me for the future that I simply desire to “put something back”.


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