As we enter yet another transition of power in the United States people are either happy or sad. The election cycle to determine the next President of the United States was bitter, mean-spirited, and exhibited no fruits of the Spirit from either candidate. The one thing that has been made abundantly clear throughout the past year+ of campaigning is that we are a country divided, even within the church.

Recently on a Wednesday night I preached a message simply entitled “I” from 1 Samuel 8, Exodus 3 and Philippians 2. The short version is that we have failed God. We no longer look to a Savior to which every knee shall bow and every tongue confess…instead we have clamored for a king instead of the King of Kings. We have forsaken the I AM for the government, we have traded the power of God for the policies of the White House, and we have categorically rejected God in favor of something less powerful, less compassionate, less merciful.

I don’t particularly care what you are politically speaking. Republican or Democrat is all the same at the foot of the cross. I can see policies on both sides of the aisle that would fit into a correct reading of the Bible, but what I cannot see is either (or any) party completely satisfying the whole Bible. That is where our issue falls. As a society we want to hyper-villianize one sin and forgive another. We place our sovereignty as a nation ahead of the Sovereignty of God. We want a king to provide and protect, all the while forsaking the providence and protection of the only one that matters…


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